Zirconium Treatment

Zirconium treatment is an application that uses the white alloy of zirconium to obtain the most naturally-looking aesthetic smile.

Where and How is Zirconium Treatment Applied?

It is used in severe tooth discolouration, genetic discolouration, old filled teeth, attrited teeth, broken or inclined teeth problems or bridge and crown modifications that cannot be solved/achieved by tooth bleaching methods.


Zirconium is taken from its pure mineral form and transformed into a material called zirconia ceramic. After this, it is processed in special furnaces and used as a metal-free coating.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages?

With light transmittance, zirconium treatment results in naturally-looking teeth whilst not leaving a dark colour on the gums. An appearance close to the original is obtained. Since it is compatible with the gums and does not contain metal, it does not threaten gum health. It is the most natural and realistic type of coating. There is no risk of dislocation or slipping. It is long-lasting and durable. It does not have any disadvantages.

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