Unshaven Hair Transplantation

Until a few years ago, the development of hair transplant technology did not make unshaved hair transplantation possible. However, thanks to improving and transforming techniques, it is now possible to perform hair transplantation without having to shave a patient’s hair using the DHI-Choi method.

How is DHI Performed?

In old hair transplantation technologies like FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation), the option of not shaving the patient’s hair was simply not available. DHI Hair Transplantation’s new generation technique, also known as the Choi Pen Technique, provides the patient with a new naturally-looking hairline.

It has become increasingly important to design both the hair and the hairline correctly. Therefore, when choosing a hair transplant centre, be sure to have information about those who have had a hair transplant before. Also, be sure to go through before-and-after photos of the hair transplant.

The stages of hair transplantation could be chronologically listed as follows; checking whether there are enough follicular grafts in the donor area, planning the hairline, determining the most appropriate and best hair transplantation method and then, performing the hair transplantation.

Another important criterion in hair transplantation is correctly determining the number of follicular grafts and performing the transplantation with minimum graft loss. The follicular grafts collected during the DHI are transplanted quickly while ensuring that hair is dense. With the help of the Choi pen technique, the hair and scalp are not damaged.

Is Hair Transplantation for me? What are the Advantages?

Many people who go through the hair transplantation process but do not want to have to shave their hair are poised to ask the question, “Is unshaven hair transplantation possible? Although unshaven hair transplantation is now possible, the most important thing is whether or not it is appropriate for you.

If you want to have unshaven hair transplantation, your hair should be of a certain length to avoid problems in the final appearance of the donor and recipient area. People who cannot undergo this procedure can also try another method of transplantation which involves trimming – as opposed to completely shaving – the hair before transplanting.

The biggest advantage of unshaven hair transplantation is that the person can easily experience the hair transplantation process without having to disconnect from social life. This can help the patient feel a lot better by preventing his/her loss of self-confidence within the first days of the transplantation process.

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