Thigh Lift Aesthetics (Thighplasty)

The thigh area is the most susceptible to changes in the body as a result of weight gain, aging and numerous other reasons. An undesirable appearance, mostly in the inner leg area, results from the loss of flexibility of the skin. Not only because of the appearance but the sagging skin on the thigh inevitable causes discomforting friction that is also detrimental to one’s health.


Thigh lift aesthetics, also known as thighplasty, is a surgical operation used to eliminate sagging skin in the thigh. With this operation, excess skin is removed from the thigh area and the thighs are shaped. Generally, this procedure is performed to complete the shaping of the body during massive weight loss after bariatric surgical operations. However, thigh lift aesthetics are also performed as a part of the practice called ‘mommy makeover’, which aims to treat negative changes in the body after childbirth.

Who can Undergo Thigh Lift Surgery?

People with well-developed bone and skin tissues that are suitable for aesthetic operations can undergo thigh lift surgery. Dense cellulite appearance, sagging skin, disproportionate body shape, and non-fitting clothes are reasons that impinge on people’s self-confidence and make them suitable for thigh lift aesthetics. While laser and liposuction treatment may be sufficient for mild deformations in the thighs, people with deformations that do not respond to these treatments are suitable candidates for thigh lift aesthetics.


However, the physician’s opinion on this issue is essential.

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