Rhinoplasty Surgery

The nose, the most noticeable feature on the face, gives a three-dimensional appearance to the face and, from a functional and aesthetic point of view, hugely affects the quality of life of a person. When the nose is incompatible with the structure of the face or does not fulfil its breathing function, it can affect the psychology and social life of the person. In such a case, rhinoplasty is the best solution.


Rhinoplasty is performed to functionally and aesthetically improve the nose. This procedure, which is frequently applied all over the world and is in the low-risk surgery group, is performed by expert plastic surgeons.


Before the rhinoplasty surgery, the patient should explain his/her expectations while the doctor evaluates how realistic these expectations are. Taking into consideration the patient’s needs and wishes, the doctor will start the operation with a plan based on a careful examination of the patient’s nose and cartilage structure, face shape and skin structure.

Who Can Have Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty surgery is mostly performed to eliminate deformities and breathing problems. Deformities are usually caused by innate genetic codes. However, deformities that develop due to trauma sometimes occur.


Let’s take a closer look:

  • Congenital problems: The nose may be aesthetically and functionally problematic due to genetic reasons. Generally, in cases of familial problems, a person may want to change the shape of the nose based on his/her general understanding of beauty. In such cases, rhinoplasty turns out to be a permanent and accessible solution.
  • Problems caused by trauma: Traumas can later lead to the deformation of the shape of the nose. Falls and bumps that occur especially during childhood can damage the nasal bone and affect the development of the nose negatively. Deformations in the nasal bone that are not taken care of in due time can cause deformity and difficulty in breathing. In adulthood, people who engage in defence sports may encounter various nasal problems. Although it is not seen very often, nasal tumour and surgeries to remove this tumour can also cause deformations in the shape of the nose.

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