Neck Lift Aesthetics (Platysmaplasty)

Neck lift aesthetics is a surgical procedure used in the removal of excess skin in the neck area that may be congenital or a result of aging.

Neck lift surgery is mostly performed as a part of facelift aesthetics. Based on the patient’s need, the angle of the jawline which disappeared is corrected in this aesthetic procedure, thereby making it more visible. This gives the patient a more defined and youthful-looking facial line.

Who can Undergo Neck Lift Surgery?

The disproportionality of the neck and chin area with the upper face can make people undergo neck lift surgery. People who have the following conditions can undergo neck lift aesthetics provided that they have the approval of a physician:

  • People whose neck skin has lost flexibility due to aging,
  • People who have sagging skin in the neck area due to weight gain or weight loss,
  • Persons who have distortions in their facial features for various reasons,
  • People with a lot of fat in the lower part of the face, especially under the chin,
  • Those who do not want to have facelift aesthetics on their entire face.

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