Hollywood Smile

Hollywood smile is a dental reconstruction operation that aims to provide gingival, lip and tooth harmony. The Hollywood smile offers an effective solution in the treatment of congenital deformities and dysfunctions of teeth that may occur over time or as a result of trauma. This process is specifically ideal for dental erosion, diastema and broken, misaligned or crooked teeth which cannot be corrected by teeth-whitening treatment. Alongside improving one’s smile, this process is used to fill in tooth gaps and strengthen the teeth to solve chewing problems.

Smile Design Using Hollywood Smile

It is common knowledge that the teeth affect one’s overall appearance. To enhance one’s facial expression, smile design could be performed using a Hollywood Smile. While designing one’s smile, the following factors should be considered alongside the patient’s desires:

  • The location of the two front teeth,
  • The size and arrangement of teeth
  • The colour and shape of the teeth,
  • The visibility of the gums.

The Hollywood smile operation aims to make the front teeth more distinct compared to the other teeth. Also, the front teeth should be properly sized and placed to make them visible while one speaks. With this process, the appearance of the gums is also restructured. It is ideal for the 2cm of the gums to be visible during conversations, but anything more than that can be considered a defect.

The Hollywood smile process is carried out for the following purposes:

  • To change the colour of the teeth,
  • To reposition the teeth and get rid of deformities,
  • To give the person a distinct smile,
  • To harmonize teeth with the person’s face and the golden ratio,
  • To design healthy teeth,
  • To ensure that the upper and lower teeth are parallel to each other,
  • To fix the reverse smile line.

While this procedure is performed for the above reasons, it should be a personalized operation that factors in the shape of the patient’s face.

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