Hair Transplant

There is no incision or stitching in the area where the hair is taken. In the donor area, abrasions smaller than 1.00 mm occur; these abrasions close in a few days and heal without a trace. With this technique, follicular grafts taken from the nape area are used for hair transplant as well as for eyebrow, moustache and beard transplants. Depending on the healing process, there is no need to wait long between sessions.


The Latest Technology in Hair Transplant – Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

The sessions can be repeated with an interval of one day. Up to 3500 follicular grafts can be taken in one session. There are between 1 and 3 hair strands in each graft. A follicular unit graft makes an average of 1.4 – 2 hair strands. It is possible to plant 49-57 or even more roots per square centimetre. In addition, the absence of pain and loss of feeling in the tissue for days after the operation makes this method preferred.


  • Day 1 – After you arrive at the airport in Istanbul, your transfer will be handled by our private drivers.
  • Day 2 – At a predetermined time, you will be picked up from your hotel and taken to our hospital. An additional meeting to brief you on the procedure will be held before the operation. After this, you will be directed to change your clothes and then taken to the analysis room for blood tests if the need arises. Once the results of the test are ready, if you feel ready, your hairline will be determined by the head physicians after your hair must have been shaved. For hair transplantation, the back of the head is benumbed first. Hair follicles are taken one by one and prepared for transplantation using our equipment. After the benumbing of the area to be transplanted, the implantation of the follicular grafts begins. During this whole process, you will be conscious, but you will not feel pain. The collection and transplantation time takes between three and eight hours, depending on the number of follicular grafts. After the operation, dressing is applied as a protective measure. That’s why we recommend a comfortable hat. After taking your medication, you will be transferred back to the hotel, and you can rest comfortably.
  • Day 3 – You will be picked up from the hotel and brought back to the clinic. Here, your hair is washed with a special shampoo and then examined. The treatment ends with a final interview and further briefing. If you wish, you can board your return flight on the same day.

The Beginning of the Surgery

  • Patients are taken to the laboratory for analysis after a final checkup. After the analysis results, the hair is shaved by our nurses. After the hair is washed, it is taken to the operating theatre.
    NOTE: The patient must be on a full stomach.Removal of hair follicles follows after the application of local anesthesia. Once the determined number of roots is taken, ducts are opened by the head physician. Transplantation starts after opening the channel. During a procedure that takes approximately 6 – 7 hours, the patient remains conscious and able to meet all his/her needs.

Is a Natural Look Possible?

In order to obtain a natural appearance in hair transplantation, a transplant must be performed by specialist doctors under suitable conditions. The hairline and the placement angle of the hair follicles are some of the most important criteria for obtaining a natural appearance. Natural appearance is obtained about 78% of the time according to estimates. A WARRANTY CERTIFICATE IS AVAILABLE. If a person who has had a transplant does not see a positive result within 6 months or if he/she experiences a negative result, the MONEY PAID WILL BE REFUNDED! A guaranty is signed by our doctor and hospital and given to the patient.

Can the Hair Be Dyed or Cut?

All kinds of cosmetic intervention can be performed on the regrown hair (after initial shedding) 1 year after transplantation.

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