Gynecomastia Operation in Turkey

In its simplest definition, gynecomastia is a condition of breast enlargement in men due to various reasons. Biologically, the mammary glands found in both men and women are assumed to be small in size and undeveloped in men. However, hormonal changes that occur due to various reasons cause unilateral or bilateral growth of the breast tissue; this causes gynecomastia.

Although gynecomastia, a phenomenon suffered by one out of every 5 men, is mostly seen in adolescents and middle-aged individuals, in some cases it can also be seen in newborn boys. The reason for this is the high amount of estrogen hormone passed from mother to baby during pregnancy; this situation may disappear spontaneously over time.

In adolescents, hormonal changes are the reason for the growth of breast tissue. During this period, while the testosterone level decreases, the estrogen level rises. Like the congenital gynecomastia problem, breast growth during puberty may lose its effect as one grows older.

Symptoms of Gynecomastia

Physical examination and hormone tests are performed to diagnose gynecomastia, and imaging techniques such as ultrasound and MRI are used. During this period, the underlying causes of gynecomastia are also investigated.


Symptoms of gynecomastia are as follows:

  • Visible swelling in breast tissue,
  • Breast tenderness,
  • Size inequality between breasts,
  • Pain in the breast
  • A lump under the nipple,
  • Nipple discharge.

If some or all of these symptoms are experienced, a specialist doctor should be consulted for detailed examination and diagnosis.

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