Chin Aesthetics

Chin Aesthetics affords you the opportunity of giving a young and natural look to your chin (in line with the golden ratio of your face) if you are not satisfied with its shape.

Conditions Requiring Chin Aesthetics

  • The chin is not uniform with the other parts of the face.
  • The chin is bigger or smaller than it should be compared to the golden ratio of the face.
  • The tip of the chin is disturbingly sharp for the person.
  • The chin is projected too forward or backward.
  • The chin appears to be merged with the neck.
  • The upper teeth or gums are overly visible, especially when laughing.
  • When the mouth is closed, the upper and lower teeth do not overlap.
  • Melting of the jawbone for various reasons.

While some of the aforementioned conditions that require chin aesthetics can be easily noticed by the patients and their relatives, some of these conditions are diagnosed by the physicians and reported to the patients. Chin-related problems are root causes of issues like dry mouth, sleeping with the mouth open, halitosis, gum diseases, etc.

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