Butt Lift Surgery (Brazillian Butt Lift)

Some women may have small and straight hips because of their genetic code or weight loss. Like other parts of the body, the butt area is also of great importance when it comes to aesthetic appearance. Most women’s dream physique includes straight and upright breasts, a flat stomach and curved hips. One of the operations performed to achieve this ideal body structure is Butt Lift Surgery (Brazilian Butt Lift) or Gluteoplasty, as it is known in medicine.
Gluteoplasty, preferred today women and men alike, is performed to eliminate the disproportionate appearance of one’s body. The operation is an aesthetic procedure which can be performed in different methods to reshape the butt area and to obtain a tight and plump appearance. In Turkey, this increasingly popular surgery is performed on thousands of patients from around the world.

Who can Undergo Butt Lift Surgery?

Having a flat and small butt can negatively affect people’s social life and psychology. In cases of non-fitting clothes and disproportionate bodies, gluteoplasty is the most effective solution to having a tighter and fuller butt.


  • Those who have a small butt relative to the general appearance of their body figure,
  • Those who have a flattened, square or straight butt,
  • Those with sagging, loose or flat in the butts due to aging or weight loss,
  • Those who have a genetically small and flat butt,
  • Those who have sagging butt after birth

may prefer butt lift surgery.


Butt aesthetic surgery, which aims to restore lost self-confidence with a more fit and proportional body, is a low-risk and simple procedure. However, while it cannot be performed during pregnancy and breastfeeding, it can also be a risky procedure for people with chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart, lung, hypertension.

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