Breast Reduction Surgery (Reduction Mammaplasty)

While disproportionately large breasts appear unaesthetic, they can cause various health problems. Breasts that can grow and sag due to heredity, hormonal changes, weight gain and breastfeeding can cause many issues such as waist and back pain, hunchback and rash (or skin irritation) in women. Large breasts can cause other physical problems like the inability to wear desired clothes, restricted activity, etc. and psychological problems like poor self-image. Breast reduction surgery offers the most effective and permanent solution to large breasts.
This surgery is performed to obtain smaller, symmetric and upright breasts. Since large breasts also lead to breast sagging, this procedure is performed in combination with breast lift surgery. This operation can be performed on 18 – 20-year-olds who have undergone complete breast development.

The techniques to be used in breast reduction surgery vary depending on the breast size of the person and whether a pregnancy is planned in the future. However, while breast tissue is removed during the operation, milk ducts may be affected by this change (although not very often). For this reason, women who have not given birth before or who are considering giving birth again should be careful in choosing a doctor and health centre. This is important because the risk is kept at a minimum level when the operation is performed with the right techniques and by specialist physicians.

In Which Situations can Breast Reduction be Performed?

Ideal breast size for women has always been very important when it comes to the aesthetic appearance of the body. However, large breasts that affect physical integrity lead to health problems and are responsible for the body’s unaesthetic appearance and other social and psychological problems.


Some of these problems that make breast reduction surgery necessary are as follows:

  • Back and neck pain,
  • Irritation in the line under the breast,
  • Excessive sweating
  • Pain and collapse in the shoulders,
  • Kyphosis,
  • Irritation on the shoulders caused by breast weight and bra strap,
  • Difficulty in physical activity,
  • Difficulty finding clothes and bras,
  • Looking fatter than one is,
  • Feeling of discomfort because of one’s appearance.

Breast reduction surgery, which is performed to increase the quality of life and to eliminate possible discomfort related to the size of the breast, can be used to lift saggy breasts. By removing excess breast tissue, the risk of breast cancer is also eliminated.

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