Breast Fat Grafting (Injection)

With time, the breasts can lose their elasticity and fullness due to factors such as breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, aging and traumatic changes in the body. Also, there is a possibility that one’s breasts are smaller than the desired size and flawed in shape from birth. Breast Fat Injection is a breast augmentation process used to obtain one’s desired breast size for those who are not satisfied with their breast size, for the reasons we have explained above, and want to eliminate the formal defects in their breasts.
Breast fat injection, which provides an organic solution for breast augmentation and enables the breasts to regain naturally vitality, is performed in two stages. In the first stage, fat is taken from the body by liposuction, and in the next stage, this fat is injected into the breast. The fat removal process performed in the first stage also gets rid of regional fat excess. This increases the satisfaction of the patient after the operation.

Before Breast Fat Injection

A person who is medically fit and wants to undergo breast fat injection should choose the physician after detailed research. During this research, the patient should consider the comments from physician’s previous patients and take note of the physician’s references. In addition, the physician should explain all the risk factors involved and remind the patient that the results of the surgical operation may vary from person to person. Similarly, the patient should be realistic about his wishes and expectations from the operation and should evaluate these expectations together with the physician.


The patient is now examined to determine whether he/she can undergo the operation. The result of this examination is used to decide the most appropriate technique for the patient.

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