Breast Augmentation Surgery (Augmentation Mammoplasty)

Breast augmentation surgery is performed for people: who are dissatisfied with the appearance of the breast in terms of size and shape, who have lost breast volume after pregnancy or who need breast tissue transplant after breast cancer treatment. It is a surgical operation using silicone breast prostheses or body fat.
Breast augmentation surgery, which is one of the most popular aesthetic surgical procedures in the world, is performed with the two different techniques mentioned above: breast prosthesis (implant/silicone) and fat grafting (fat injection).


Before a detailed explanation, it is relevant to note that since the injection method is not suitable for everyone, breast augmentation is usually performed using breast prosthesis. The shape and size of the prosthesis to be used must be determined by the doctor after a careful examination because of the difference in breast structure in people and the need to examine one’s body proportion.

When can Breast Augmentation be Performed?

Breast augmentation, which is the most effective method to balance body proportion, add volume to the breast and permanently get rid of deformities that have occurred for various reasons, can be performed in the following situations:

  • If the person desires a more proportional body,
  • If the person believes that she will gain self-confidence at the end of the procedure,
  • If there are visible negative shape and size changes in the breasts due to pregnancy, weight loss, aging and trauma,
  • If breast tissue was removed because of breast cancer,
  • Congenital lack of breast tissue,
  • If the previously placed breast prosthesis has lost its function or needs to be replaced for various reasons,
  • If there is an asymmetry between the breasts in terms of shape and size.

People who experience one or more of the above conditions can consider breast augmentation for an aesthetic and proportional appearance.

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