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Direct Hair Implant (DHI), Unshaven Hair Transplantation, Female Hair Transplant, and Eyebrow Transplant

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Dental Implant, Teeth Whitening, Hollywood Smile, Porcelain Laminate and Zirconium Treatment

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Rhinoplasty, breast lift, liposuction, neck lift and treatment of gynecomastia

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years of experience with new methods and technologies in aesthetics field.

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Our contracted hospitals are full-fledged hospitals that offer services in clean and safe environments. We perform hair transplantation through experienced doctors who have dedicated their knowledge to this job. We combine the latest technological devices in the field of hair transplantation with effective and scientific methods to perform your hair transplantation. Just as in other parts of the world, the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method is also used in our country for hair transplantation.

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The treatments in Istanbul are of the same standards as in Germany. Our doctors are trained, specialized medical specialists and experts in their field.

All our surgeons are certified specialists in their field. With our specialists you are in the in the best hands.

We need your personal data so that you can receive an offer from us. If a thyroid dysfunction is known, the T3, T4 and TSH values are also required.

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